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For HIM!! For HER!!


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For HIM !! For HER !!
They do not want to admit that they increasingly like to use cosmetic products … but when they see them on the bathroom table … they want them !!!

EXEL presents a simple ritual to share with them !!! ATTENTION The polishing cream hide it! You know that only skin is exfoliated once a week, but they will like the result so much that they will want to use it every day !!

STEP 1: SEBUM CLEAN – Cleaning Foam for Oily Skin.
Cleans and removes traces of makeup. Normalizes the secretion. Leaves skin soft, luminous and hydrated. Makeup remover all over the face, including eyelids and lips. Mineral Oil Free, not occlusive. It can also be used as a shaving foam !! Mode of use: Recommended for all types of skins especially grease. Apply a sufficient amount daily, spread and massage gently with circular movements. Repeat the operation and remove by washing with water or cotton swabs.
Active ingredients: contains extract of Calendula, Rosemary and Tea tree Oil. Presentation: 5.66 Oz / 170 ml

Polishing action, removes impurities and dead cells from the surface of the skin. Deep cleaning without irritations (flat cut of seeds), decongestive action that prevents redness. Natural scrub (apricot seeds) Mineral Oil Free. Mode of use: Product for all skin types. Apply a thin layer on clean, well-dried skin, gently massage in circular movements, leave on for a few seconds and rinse well.
Active ingredients: Grinding of apricot seeds (Prunus armeniaca), extracts of Centella asiatica, Hedera helix, Gingko biloba, Malva and Hamamelis. Presentation: 2.82 oz / 80 ml.

Collagen moisturizes, effectively tones and gives turgor, its effect being enhanced by one of the most active components in wetting known: the Sodium Carboxylate Pyrrolidone (SODIUM PCA). Mode of use: Recommended for sensitive, irritable and aged skin. Apply daily after cleaning with a cotton compress and let dry the face.
Active ingredients: contains Collagen hydrolyzate. Presentation: 8.33 fl. oz. / 250 ml w / val.

STEP 4: ANTI-AGE FLUID GEL with Liposomes and Nanomes®
Softens and improves the luminosity and smoothness of the skin. Antioxidant action and free radicals. Attenuates the effects of skin aging. In addition, this gel forms a film on the skin that resists UVA / UVB rays and free radicals, ideal to counteract the effects of environmental agents. Mode of use: Recommended for mature skin, aged photo skins. Day use, one or two daily applications, ideal to counteract the effects of environmental agents (radiation, wind or cold), for skins with long exposure in places with air conditioning, artificial light or in front of monitors with high light emission. Apply with a gentle massage after cleaning until completely absorbed.
Active ingredients: Vitamin E Liposomes, Betacarotene Silanol and Nanomes de Filtro solar (OMC). Presentation: 1 Oz. / 30 ml.

Specification: For HIM!! For HER!!

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2 in stock

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